“Wow I love” is an Instagram story by @scienceresearch. It is a time-travel action adventure blockbuster with robo-erotic themes, robot violence, hobbit violence, bird violence, Eye Harm (“iHarm”), assassination and occasional strong language, which some viewers may find shit.
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“Wow I love” is an Instagram story by @scienceresearch. It is a time-travel action adventure blockbuster with robo-erotic themes, robot violence, hobbit violence, bird violence, Eye Harm (“iHarm”), assassination and occasional strong language, which some viewers may find shit.

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3 years ago

INTRODUCTION: Wow I love (2010)

Wow I love

Wow I love Instagram. Love iPhone. Love making retina screen go pop with too much pink and asparagus. I love Gundam, asparagus and goldfinch.

Wow I love Photoforge app, ScribeIt app and Juxtaposer app. Love making the colours go nuts in Photoforge and - wow! - I love making letters and even words with ScribeIt app. Wow I love Juxtaposer app. Love it ***love*** love the mind-blowing User Interface - love it!

Wow I love cranking up the colours with Photoforge app! Love “Levels”; love “Lo-Mo”; love “Posterize”; love “Contrast”; love “Vibrance”!. Most of all - wow! Most of all! - I LOVE AUTO-ENHANCE AND AUTO-EXPOSURE AND THEN MORE AUTO-ENHANCE!!!! LOVE AUTO-ENHANCE! love it ***love***

Wow I love Report on Probability A by Brian W. Aldiss. Love the concept of observers observing observers. Love it.

Wow I love Social Media. Wow I love Mobile Social Media. 2010 was the year when our powers of communication went off the scale. Wow I love 2010. I’m writing this on December 31st. Love you guys who are already in the future. Is the Earth managed by eco-robots and hobbits yet? Can’t wait.

Wow I love letters and words! Love words+pictures: LOVE TYPOGRAPHY. I am @scienceresearch inside Instagram. Love you guys, thx for likes and follows… Love IG ***love***

This is a story about love

Wow I love

3 years ago

PROLOGUE: Wow I love (1963)

Wow I love

"Wow I love" thought Goldfinch. He was making Fantasy TB-E-E (The Birds Eat Everyone) in his head.

Goldfinch was happy to make Fantasy TB-E-E, at his own leisurely pace, because he didn’t know he was going to die soon, violently, 47 years in the future. And so, when he saw a worm climbing through a worm hole, he thought to himself, “Wow I love worm.”

"Wow!" he thought some more, "I love TB-E-E. Love Hitchcock. Love worm".

Wow I love

3 years ago

#01: Wow I love (2010)

Wow I love

"Wow I love to travel through space and time," thought Amy Pond. "Love adventures with handsome robots, love Cyberman. Love it." She paused in her revelry and looked across the Tardis, at Dr. Who. "I wonder what Dr. Who is thinking," she thought.

"Wow I love Amy Pond," thought Dr. Who. "Love to travel through space and time with skinny women who are thousands of years younger than me. Love it. Love Amy Pond. Love her. Wow."

"I hope he’s not thinking what I think he’s thinking *sigh*" thought Amy.

3 years ago

#02: サイバーマン (“Cyberman”) (1963)


"Wow I love having the power to leer into the past and the future at will," thought Cyberman. It was 1963, and Cyberman was in town to "L/JFK-A" ("Love JFK Assassination").

Cyberman began to leer through space and time…

"Wow," thought Amy, in 2010, "I love Cyberman."

Cyberman was a tall, well-built robot with a decent-sized Groin and a good, shiny Arse. “Love Cyberman!!” Amy thought to herself.

Cyberman had really pretty eyes, she thought. She loved his big, round, pretty eyes. “I love permatears too!!!” she thought too, thinking of his big permanent tears that were made of metal and were soldered onto his head. She sighed, lovingly.

"Wow I love how Amy loves me." 

"Wow I love how Dr. Who loves me," thought Amy, "only he’s about a thousand times my age, and basically I prefer robots."

"Wow I love Cyberman. But that complicates our Time Battles against each other. Dr. Who wants me to exterminate Cyberman, but instead I suffer from Frightful SBT every time we come close to Battle. I try to act Battle-hardened when I see him, but that just gives me more SBT. And nobody can think straight when they’ve got SBT - *sigh*" (SBT = Sexual Battle Tension)

In 1963, Cyberman was thinking: “Love Sexual Battle Tension.” (“L-SBT”)

3 years ago

#03: ガンダム (“Gundam”) (2010)


"Wow I love disguising myself as a bird but I don’t love real birds," thought Gundam.

He was using his big black hand to hide from Dr. Who. “Wow I love the fact that I’ve had no reverse-robo-disturbance so far, hiding out here in this birdfield as I am,” he thought to himself, as he stood perfectly still, groin-deep in the field. Gundam had no love for reverse-robo-disturbance, which is the opposite of robo-disturbance (what happens when a robot disturbs a bird).

3 years ago

#05: Wow I love (1963)

Wow I love

In 1963, Cyberman was using his powers of leering to Behold Groin Of Gundam (“B-GOG”). “Wow I love” he said, out loud, with no-one in 1963 close enough to hear, “Love Gundam Making O-WIL.” He loved the tenderness of Gundam, stood in the birdfield, holding up his big, bird-like black hand, making O-WIL on Dr. Who. 

"Wow I love how Gundam can O-WIL Dr. Who undetected," he said, his cybervoice a little quieter this time. "Still plenty of time to L/JFK-A," he told himself. "I can make some good O-WIL of my own."

3 years ago

#04: Wow I love (2010)

Wow I love

Groin Of Gundam (GOG) began to pulse with an enhanced, asparagus-green throbbing. “Wow I love” he thought uncontrollably, and cast his sensors about 2010 to find the cause of his GOG-throb.

"Wow!" he thought, when he detected Dr. Who. "I love Dr. Who… love him."

Gundam (Model RX-78-2) tuned in to Dr. Who and started to make O-WIL (“Observe What I Love”) using his sensors.

"MO-WIL!" he told himself forcefully. ("MO-WIL!" means "Make O-WIL!")

And then, at last, when he had full O-WIL on Dr. Who, he felt his GOG-throb change frequency to a whirling thrum. 

"Love Dr. Who" he thought to himself inside his massive robot brain, lasciviously.

3 years ago

#06: Wow I love (2010)

Wow I love

"E-GOG! E-GOG!" Gundam had begun to mutter. ("E-GOG!" is the imperative form of "E-GOG", which means "Eat Groin Of Gundam")

Gundam’s O-WIL of Dr. Who had escalated into an unstable Fantas-E-GOG. He had re-programmed his sensors with the Fantas-E-GOG Byoass, which results in his receiving sensory data similar to a Real E-GOG.

"Wow I love" he rasped.

3 years ago

#07 E-GOG (1963)


In 1963, Cyberman continued to make “Observe What I Love” (“O-WIL”) - and so he was in a perfect position to O-WIL Gundam’s unstable Fantas-E-GOG..

He felt a slight tremor of SBT, and sat bolt upright. 

"E-GOG" he said, clearly and deliberately. He felt another wave of SBT, stronger this time. "E-GOG" he said again. 

Cyberman admired the forcefulness of Gundam’s Fantas-E-GOG. But it was unstable - he could already feel the SBT, charging down the open O-WIL channels, And so he named it for a third time - “E-GOG” - which made it Real.

So while the unobservant humans had their collective consciousness distracted by their fast-approaching L/JFK-A, Cyberman manifested a Real E-GOG in 1963.

"Wow! E-GOG!" he said.

3 years ago